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At DraineX we understand the importance of testimonials
to our business, and this means we aim to give each
customer the very best standard of service.


When you look to hire a firm, it makes sense to look for reviews and get a feel of what other customers say about the service they received. One of the best things about the emergence of the internet is how easy it is to research a company and find out what the general consensus about the service provided is.

This has provided small firms the chance to battle with larger companies because when people receive a great service, they will spread the word and this means more people get to see the firms can be relied on.

At DraineX, we understand the importance of testimonials to our business, and this means we aim to give each customer the very best standard of service.

The very best service

As a family run firm, reviews, testimonials and recommendations are vital to us. We don’t have the marketing budget to compete with national drainage companies but we have a skilled team, great equipment and knowledge that allows us to provide you with the very best service at all times.

This is what underpins the work carried out by DraineX, and this is why we are delighted to share the testimonials our customers have provided to us.

This ensures we are doing something right and this gives you confidence that you can hire us and receive the very best service at all times.

Drainage Services Hove

Martin and Dean are totally reliable, efficient and honest. I recommended DRAINEX to a company with their own drainage operation.

Drainage Services Gatwick

Martin and Dean were the unanimous first choice Sub Contractors, used in preference to their own workforce many times.

Drainage Services Hove

They can deal with far more than clearing a blockage, cc surveys as well, but the total post contract making good and where required.

Drainage Services Gatwick

No come backs, no recalls, no incidents, No problems. No third party hassle. The whole job in house at a fair price.

Drainage Services Hove

Very professional service throughout , the whole job was explained in detail backed up by a cctv survey.

Drainage Services Gatwick

I was very happy with Drainex. They offer a first class and professional service. I would highly recommend and will 100% use them again.

Please get in touch

We are very thankful for all of the feedback and testimonials we have received, and if you would like to provide us with a testimonial or feedback on services we have provided to you, please get in touch.

To arrange an appointment or find out more about our services, visit the contact us page on site or phone us on 0800 622 6064.

Drainage Services Hove

DraineX Offers a Range of Drainage Services
phone us on 0800 622 6064

DraineX is on hand to help with the following problems or issues, for commercial and domestic clients:

  • Blockages
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Descaling
  • Root Removal
  • Excavations
  • CCTV
  • Pre-Purchase Surverys
  • Lining
  • Drag in Lining
  • Expoxy Inversion Lining