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We at Drainex offer a complete range of drain repairs to cater for all your requirements in and around the hove region. Our Hove depot has a team of highly skilled drain service engineers with many years of experience with the accreditation of the safe contractor scheme.

All drain repairs undertaken from excavations, lining, patch lining etc. Once we find what the exact fault is in the drain we will advise what will be the best way to manage and implement the repair. Drain relining can be carried out from as small as 100mm, depending on access. Patch liners can be installed in pipes as small as 60mm diameter up to 1.2 metres, which is the size of the largest packer currently available.

This is the method of repairing a drain or sewer by creating a new pipe within the existing one without the need to excavate.

This is the ‘tube’ of material (often special felt or a fibre glass matrix) manufactured to a specific length and diameter for the renovation. It is then installed in the sewer or pipe to create a new pipe inside the damaged one.

The liner is impregnated with resin prior to being installed into the pipe. The resin then ‘cures’ to harden, creating a new inner pipe.

This is similar to a liner but is used for isolated defects or small damaged areas within a drain, sewer or pipe.

This is used to position a patch repair liner and to force it against the internal surface of the pipe to affect the repairrain repairs Hove If your drain needs fixing then then your looking in the right place Drainex have a team of drain repair engineers that specialise in faulty drainage systems throughout hove area all our repair teams are fully insured and street works qualified to carry out a professional and cost effective repair.

Drain Repair Hove
Drain Repair Hove
Drain Repair Hove